Developmental structure

Hydro picH2O Hydro offers a flexible development structure to suit each and every project. We aim to evaluate each project uniquely and offer a development structure based on what the client wants.

There are three main development structures that we offer: Private Development, Lease Return and Joint Venture.

Private Development

The landowner or landowners takes all the financial risk, but will remain the sole owner of the scheme. In this structure H2O Hydro will design and build the scheme on a one off payment basis.

Lease Rental

A lease rental separates all risk from the landowner or landowners.  All the risk involved in the construction and development of a hydro scheme will be taken by H2O Hydro. Payment will be in the form of a rent or a percentage of the net revenue of the system.

Joint Venture

A joint venture allows the landowner or landowners to invest an agreed amount of money in the scheme for a percentage of the net revenue of the system.  The remainder of the funding will be met by H2O Hydro. The terms of the joint venture can be flexible to suit the requirements of the client.