Hydro picThe development of a hydro scheme can seem like a daunting and complex process, at H2O Hydro we do not see it that way.

To get the whole process underway you need to establish two simple but key factors:

1. Do you have access to water: a river, lake or reservoir?
2. Do you have a decent amount of distance for the water to descend?

Initial Visit and Site Summary

To assess the potential for hydropower we come out and do site visit, this allows us to evaluate the layout of the land, the size and scale of the watercourse and find the point of abstraction and return.

Feasibility Study

If we have established that a hydro scheme is possible we would progress to deal with the statutory consents and the necessary environmental surveys, this would entail:

  • Liaison and negotiation with the  required statutory bodies
  • Environmental surveys
  • Grid connection
  • Planning application


After gathering together the formal consents and receiving planning approval we would compile a comprehensive design, a construction breakdown and method statement of how the project will be carried out.


H2O Hydro will take care of the whole construction process. We use our own team to implement all stages of the construction process from building the intake to laying the pipe to the final installation process – H2O Hydro will do it all.